Procurement support

Procurement support

Interim Management

Short-term and adequate, external staffing of important purchasing positions avoids a lack of management and provides professional support for both daily tasks and special challenges.

The shortage of skilled workers, new and increasing challenges or an urgent need for action make the capacitive support, especially in purchasing, necessary in most companies.

Our consultants support you from day one and take responsibility for operational tasks or strategic topics. We support your purchasing department in daily tasks, in special challenges and/or accompany your organization simultaneously in the implementation of small and large projects, e.g. for cost reduction or process improvement.

In many cases, we not only actively and successfully support your purchasing department, but also train and coach your employees at the same time. In this way, we ensure that our involvement is only temporary and that your purchasing organization can soon handle operational activities and strategic tasks again without external support. In the long term, the development and training of your own employees will become even more important. We support you in this!

Managed Services

The delegation of tasks and responsibilities to external experts relieves the burden on the company's own organization and ensures professional execution

Sometimes it makes sense to outsource certain tasks and responsibilities to external experts on a permanent basis. Perhaps the support requirements are too low to entrust your own employees with them, or special expertise and experience are needed to carry them out. In this case, we are there for you and perform these activities reliably and professionally. We work on-site or remotely and continuously take over the responsibility of certain tasks and functions in the day-to-day business.

Professional and executive coaching

Through close monitoring and support, qualified specialists and managers can already be introduced and developed in their role and tasks

New responsibilities, such as ensuring and documenting compliance with human rights and environmental protection throughout the supply chain (keyword: Supply Chain Due Diligence Act) even make some organizations almost despair.

However, qualified specialists and managers are hard to find on the labor market. For this reason, many companies are investing more and more in the development, qualification and promotion of their own and new, non-specialist employees. 

Through a combination of internal on-the-job training and external coaching & training by our experienced consultants, we work with you to develop and qualify urgently needed purchasing specialists and managers. This not only reduces employee turnover, but also increases employee satisfaction and ultimately the performance of your purchasing organization.

Negotiation organization and preparation

Optimal negotiation preparations not only ensure the achievement of even very ambitious savings targets, but also take into account the fulfillment of legal and business requirements for suppliers

"Approximately 80% of negotiation success is determined by preparation, in our experience. Therefore, we have developed an approach that guides you from the first to the last step through the negotiation preparation with your supplier(s). Based on our many years of knowledge and experience, we ensure that the negotiation team knows and uses all the decisive arguments and facts. Through targeted training and exercises, we then also ensure the necessary negotiation skills and the necessary "trappings".

Conducting bilateral and multilateral negotiations

The professional conduct of bilateral and multilateral negotiations requires well-trained and experienced buyers

Of course, we are also present during the negotiations and take on the role of negotiation supporter and/or negotiation leader.

Whether you need our assistance for just one or a series of negotiations, and whether you are negotiating with monopoly suppliers or with a wide variety of alternative suppliers. We have the right experts for you to ensure the best possible negotiation success for your specific requirements without ruining your good supplier relationships or jeopardizing supply security.

Tender and contract award support

Public tenders have their specific rules and challenges, which require comprehensive support in participation preparation and implementation

Not only public entities act as contracting authorities, but also certain private companies in the areas of transport, drinking water supply and energy supply, which are subject to public procurement law.

The decisive factor for the success of an award procedure is that it is carried out in a demand-oriented, efficient, legally secure and market-oriented manner.

We advise and accompany you throughout the entire award process, starting with the development of a procurement strategy and the creation of award concepts. We prepare the complete award or tender documents, take over the suitability test and bid evaluation and, if necessary, present the results of your tender to the relevant committees.

Game theory awards

"SMART AWARD" awards combine the latest findings of negotiation and award theory paired with success-tested elements of game theory implemented in an effort-optimized standard process

Modern negotiation and award strategies and tactics would be inconceivable without game-theoretical elements. We have developed the game-theoretical award approach "SMARTaward", which ensures the best possible outcome based on the "Total-Lifetime-Costs" approach. Especially when awarding long-term supply contracts, savings of more than 20% are the rule rather than the exception.

Use with our support, highly professional methods and processes, such as those used in the automotive industry.

We guide you through the entire process and perform the award(s).

On request, we can also establish and implement the "SMARTaward" method permanently in your purchasing department and train your employees.