TopProcurement Consulting

TopProcurement Consulting is a management consultancy specializing in purchasing and procurement management

About us

TopProcurement Consulting is your professional partner for purchasing.

TopProcurement Consulting focuses on operational and implementation-oriented consulting and support for purchasing organizations and functions.

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Why we

Strong hands-on mentality

In contrast to strategy consultancies, we want to accompany you from day one with competence and with a distinct hands-on mentality.


Joint implementation

So we don't just show you how it could be done, we implement it together with you and your organization.


Partnership cooperation

We also take on interim operational responsibility in day-to-day business and are thus available to provide you with advice and support.


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Our team

With our team we rely on profound expertise, comprehensive methodological competence and a great deal of experience with our team of permanent and freelance consultants.

All employees have many years of consulting and industry experience and enjoy sharing and transferring their broad knowledge and methodological skills with you.

We would be happy to inform you about the extensive project and industry experience of our consultants in a personal meeting.

Erik Grundmann

GF/Senior Project Manager

Erik Grundmann

With our experienced consultants we offer a wide range of consulting and support services around purchasing and beyond.

Thus, our consultants bring not only their in-depth purchasing knowledge and rich industry experience, but also the necessary capacity to implement your projects.


Senior Project Manager

Thomas Schröter

With our expert knowledge, we choose the perfect method for all purchasing negotiations for optimal preparation and execution , from bilateral negotiations, supplier days to game-theoretical awarding.

So we have not only a hammer, only for nails, but always bring the entire toolbox!


Senior Project Manager

Caroline Scholtens

With our hands-on mentality, we support you in all activities from the first day of consulting and, if necessary, even take on a role in your purchasing organization for a while.

So we don't just explain how to do things, we implement them together with you!


Senior Project Manager

Thomas Kober

With our decades of experience and accumulated knowledge, we work with you to optimize the procurement organization, roles & responsibilities and, of course, the purchasing processes.

This way your organization is able to continue to operate successfully after we are gone.


Senior Project Manager

Marcel Engelhardt

With our in-depth understanding of game theory and the many ways in which it can be applied in negotiations and contract awards, we can ensure optimal procurement even in the most difficult market and competitive situations.

In this way, we not only apply the most successful negotiation and awarding methods to you, but also implement them permanently in your company.